Mech Neck Walker Blender Game Engine

Here is my Mech Neck Walker design with an animation control menu for the Blender Game Engine.

There are three scenes.

1 TestGround scene.
The scene where everything happens.Contains the camera control and the grouped Mech_Neck scene.

2 MechNeck scene.
Contains my animated model for editing.I made this scene because it is a very complex object with many parts and so I wanted to have it separate from the main scene.

3 AnimationMenu scene.
Overlay scene for the mouse input to change the animation and the animation speed.

Game Engine Controls:

Left mouse button for changing the animation and the animationspeed into the menu.

Hold right mouse button to rotate

Mouse wheel up/down to zoom in/out

Press p-key into the 3d window to start it.

Feel free to use this as a template for your own animated models 🙂


3D and animation preview on Sketchfab:


What do you think?

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