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    2D filters for the Blender Game Engine

    In this tutorial I show you how to add 4 different 2D filters to increase the visual fidelity of your games. This includes Depth of field, SSAO, FXAA, and a Bloom script. While the filters do make the game look better not all are necessary, and when applying to your own games you should definitely […] More

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    How to add wind to large areas in the blender game engine

    a quick and easy method i came up with that allows you to animate multiple objects such as huge fields of grass etc. across a map using bones, vertex groups and weight painting. multiple bones can be used in unison to give varying wind velocities (maybe at different heights) and can easily be manipulated/customized through […] More

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    Blender Terrain – Quick Pre-vis Canyon Desert Environment in EEVEE (and Cycles) [Blender 2.8]

    I anyone is having trouble with, try this: It’s offered up by a generous subscriber here and might work where you are. I’m looking for other alternatives as it seems that there is some international geodata non-sharing thing going on… Here is another resource that some are using: Blender 2.8 gives us some […] More

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    Lavaloch [Blender Game Engine Tutorial][Grundlagen] ##7

    In diesem Kurs lernst du wie man mit der Blender Game Engine (BGE) umgeht. Hierbei werden nur Grundlagen erklärt, aber natürlich an praktischen Beispielen. Stück für Stück werden wir lernen wie man einen einfachen Spieler mit einer Steuerung versieht und bestimmt das er sich physikalich korrekt verhält. Später werden wir uns auch noch anderen durchaus […] More

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    How to make Trees for the Blender game engine

    thanks for watching! in this tutorial i show you how to make good looking low poly effective tree models, which can be changed within a matter of clicks (from leaves to no leaves) depending on the textures your using. We use the sapling addon to generate a low poly tree and then go further by […] More

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