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    BGE Game Development | Project Bevren Devlog #1

    The first devlog for Project Bevren, the game I am currently working on. In this episode, I design the main character. Project Bevren is the current project title for the game I am currently developing. To learn more about it, check out this playlist of Bevren related videos: Bevren is being developed in the […] More

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    How to make Trees for the Blender game engine

    thanks for watching! in this tutorial i show you how to make good looking low poly effective tree models, which can be changed within a matter of clicks (from leaves to no leaves) depending on the textures your using. We use the sapling addon to generate a low poly tree and then go further by […] More

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    Blender Game Engine: Tutorial: Waffen [Teil I]

    ▌Heute geht es um Waffen▐ In diesem Teil [Teil I] geht es um das grundlegende erstellen einer Waffe, diese Technik könnt ihr nicht nur für das benutzen, wie es im Tutorial gezeigt ist, sondern könnt natürlich auch das EMPTY vor eine modellierte Waffe (FPS/ 1. Person) schieben, nun kommen die Kugeln aus der Mündung Wenn […] More

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    Blender Game Engine GPL Work Around

    in this video I go over explaining the GPL license and what it means for you and the games you create. I then go over a simple work around by using a launching file (encoded with GPL) to open your game file (no GPL). This will therefore only make your initializing .blend subject to the […] More

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