How to make a Realistic Water in UPBGE (with reflection, refraction, waves and foam) [ Tutorial ]

In this video I teach step by step how to make an advanced realistic water with depth effect, refraction distortion, reflection, waves and foam.

With this water it is possible to make a wide variety of scenarios, such as oceans, pools, rivers, lakes and much more! Just a good execution and configuration of the shader.

Watch the video carefully to learn how to properly set the water.

As the video shows the exact step-by-step process, it is a little longer than usual.

This video has subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – Preparing the scene
00:55 – Creating the basic materials
03:38 – Testing the materials
04:50 – Setting the depth
06:24 – Setting up the wave motion
10:55 – Applying wave distortion
12:50 – Setting up the reflection
14:41 – Setting up the foam
18:26 – Adding foam to water
20:23 – Smoothing the water’s edges
20:40 – Final result + color tips

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