BGE – Exporting/Saving a Game as Runtime Executable

Here we look at how to export your finished game as a runtime executable standalone game.

1. make sure your textures are packed into the blend file. If not, then make sure they, or a copy of them, are in the same file/folder as the .exe will be. This way the folder containing all textures and game files will be together and so will still work when you move the file around or transfer to another computer.

2. Go to “User Preferences” and click on the “Addons” tab. Search for “runtime” – it is located under the “export” section if looking for it manually. You should see “save as game engine runtime” appear. Then click the little check box on the right to enable it.

3. Go to “File – Export – Save As Game Engine Runtime”.

4. Choose a name for your file, then click Save. Done!


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