DIY 12-Volt 280Ah LifePO4 Battery // Full Capacity Testing // Part 3

#VanLife #VanBuild #LiFePO4
The battery is complete and in this video I test it to see if it will indeed produce 280Ah of 12-volt power. It’s a little longer than the others but I think you will find my test results worth the time. Otherwise feel free to skip around using the chapter timestamps.

Watch the LiFePO4 build series:
Part 1 – All The Parts –
Part 2 – Assembly –
Part 3 – Capacity Test –

Complete List of Items For This Build:
280Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells –
Daly LiFePO4 4S 12V 120A BMS –
5A-8A Active Cell Balancer –
Digital Battery Capacity Checker –
Cell Voltage Sensing Leads-
Victron SmartShunt –
Victron Smart Battery Sense –
Victron Energy Temparture Sensor –
Watt Meter / Power Analyzer –
Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape –
Heavy Gauge Wires –
Copper Tubing –
Hydraulic Crimping Tool –
Lumber for battery Enclosure – Local lumber yard

00:00 Introduction
01:03 Completed Battery Pack
03:27 VictronConnect App
08:55 Soldering Balance Leads
10:08 Cell Balance Monitor
12:58 Start Capacity Testing
14:40 7 Hours Into Capacity Testing
16:36 13 Hours Into Capacity Testing
18:42 19% Capacity Left
20:55 Almost done!
22:53 Capacity Test Complete
23:43 Conclusion

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