Announcing Open 3D Engine (O3DE)

Built for Builders: The Story of AWS and Open 3D Engine

At AWS Game Tech, we listen to our customers. Repeatedly, we hear from game and simulation developers that they want more choices that allow for collaboration, customization, and creative control in their production pipelines. Building 3D tooling from scratch can be cost prohibitive, taking years to develop and require significant resources to maintain. These developers end up choosing either to spend critical dollars reinventing the wheel, or to use proprietary solutions that can be difficult to customize.

As we began building the successor to Lumberyard, we wondered if we could do more. If the ultimate goal is innovation, then developers should not only be able to access technology. They should also be able to contribute to it and grow it. To enable the advancement of innovation through improved access for all, the Linux Foundation has announced the Open 3D Foundation, with AWS seeding the foundation with the Open 3D Engine (O3DE) – a AAA-capable, cross platform open source game engine. As part of an open source community, O3DE can expand 3D development for games and simulations by providing all the tools that developers need to bring their real-time 3D environments to life. Because this engine is available under an Apache 2.0 license, anyone can build and retain their intellectual property, and make a choice to contribute back to the project.

With partners such as Adobe, Apocalypse Studios, and Red Hat, we’re thrilled to have the backing of a range of partners who feel just as strongly as we do about enabling choice for games and simulations developers. Read our Built for Builders: The Story of AWS and Open 3D Engine blog for complete details.

O3DE is available in developer preview and our teams are working diligently to provide a production-ready version available later this year. We will be working with the Linux Foundation, partners, and colleges to help drive more innovation, and we are excited to join hands with our partners to bring even more to the engine in the months and years ahead.

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