Spaceship Preparing Area Animation VR for UPBGE Blender Game Engine

Hello my friends smarcod here.
I started to build the preparation area for the flyer.
The Check-in area for the transporters is in the
back and already done.

The new area has so far left and right space for
transporter and flyer. Of course the connection of
both sides up. A control room and the
Terminal line for the jets.

Let’s start the animation.
The jets get three parts the missiles, the energy
pack and the lower shutter. The closure comes from
below, from a box. That’s the box. The entire object
comes from here, unloads the shutter and dropped
on the other side.

Hope you folks enjoyed it.
Thanks so much for watching.
Make sure you don’t miss the next Video.
Until next week.

I tinker/modeling a Map in Blender for
VR – Virtual Reality
UPBGE – Blender Game Engine
Gamelogic and fun!!
(Part 11)



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