HOW TO – MAKE ECO PRINTS ON PAPER – step by step tutorial

Watch how to make beautiful prints from leaves and flowers by placing them between paper and boiling them in water. You will be amazed when you see the results!

Amazon link for Alum

– a board big enough to cover your size of paper or find free boards from lumberyard
-metal mending plates if you need to join smaller pieces of wood
-a large roasting pan that will fit the size of papers that you want to print on
-a piece of chicken wire that will fit in the bottom of your pan
-a large pot filled with water to weigh down the paper stack
-rusted items to add to the water
-Arches 140 lb water color paper
-Rives BFK 180 GSM drawing/print making paper
-1/3 cup Alum – can be bought from the grocery store, art store or Amazon
-1/2 cup white vinegar
-variety of different leafs,flowers,weeds etc
-a jar or container to mix up your alum mixture
-a container to add a small amount of alum mixture to use to paint on your paper
-cheap dollar store paint brush
-old towel to to lay your wet papers on
-a strainer to catch all the boiled leafs and flowers when rinsing off
-steam iron
-fabric for ironing out bumps in the paper
-ironing board
-heavy book to weigh down the papers
-paper towels

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