Geometry Nodes – Basic Nodes | Blender 2.92 ALPHA | Tutorial

#procedural #nodeeditor #proceduralmodeling
Have you ever heard about Geometry Nodes in Blender? No? Because it is a brandnew feature which is currently in development! It gives you the chance to modify your own modifier and enable procedural modeling! I will give you a default overview of this new feature and the basic nodes:

Time stamps:
0:00 – In a nutshell
0:16 – Intro
0:46 – Where to find Geometry Nodes
2:32 – Transform Node
3:08 – Subdivision Surface Node
3:42 – Add setting option to the Modifier
4:43 – Add duplicates (instances) of your object
6:29 – Vector Math Node (controler)
7:16 – Outro – So much power

I have nevery heard about this way of creation before and tried to get information about procedural modeling which is important for me. So the content (basics) will not fit for everyone.


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