CRYENGINE Summer Academy Season 1 – Episode #1 – [Developer Insight] Prototyping Games

CRYENGINE Summer Academy Season 1 – Episode #1 – [Developer Insight] Prototyping Games with Matthias Otto; Principal Level Designer, Crytek

In this first installment, we introduce the concept behind Breeze. We are joined by a very special guest, Matthias Otto, Principal Level Designer, who prototyped and worked on our original award-winning rock climbing game The Climb and its out-now sequel, The Climb 2! We discusse some of the core principles behind game design and what makes a fun gameplay experience that will benefit anyone making games.

00:00 Introduction to Breeze
01:10 Introducing the World
01:35 Low Poly Assets in Breeze
02:00 Introducing the gameplay
02:45 Interview with Matthias Otto
20:50 Introducing the Designer Tool
22:05 Particles we used in Breeze
23:30 Character & Animations in Breeze
24:25 Blendspaces & Mannequin
24:51 Audio in Breeze
25:25 Outro

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The CRYENGINE Summer Academy is aimed at both newcomers to CRYENGINE and those with an intermediate level of experience. You will learn the fundamentals of game development for all kinds of projects. Hosted by Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin, the expanded fifteen-part series uses Breeze’s beautiful, stylized island, home to a little platforming robot with big dreams, as a learning aid. He is accompanied by members of our team who have created award-winning Crytek games to provide further expert insight, tips, tricks, advice, and new tutorials.

The series will include C++ coding tutorials and will also cover character animation, gameplay logic, level design, lighting, environment assets, particle effects, audio, and more. You will be armed with a wealth of knowledge about our engine and game creation as we roll out the course with regular episodes from today and continuing over the summer.

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