Blender Game Engine Tutorial – How to Make a Walk Around Collecting Objects Game (Old Version)

This tutorial shows how to develop a game where a Google Android walks around collecting Coke cans.

The starting point is a rigged model of the Google Android with logic brick that control it walking forward and back and turning to the left and right. This can be created by following my tutorials or by downloading the file from-

Key Points
How to append the object (Coke can) into the file.
Adding logic bricks to the can
– Near sensor to detect the Android walking into the can
– Message actuator to broadcast that one needs to be added to the score
– Edit Object actuator, set to ‘End Object’ to remove the can once it has be collected
Add and ‘Empty’ object and give it a property ‘score’
Add logic bricks to the Empty
– Message sensor to detect the message about adding one to the score
– Property actuator to add one to the score
Rename the Empty as ‘Game’
Duplicate the Coke can to give more objects to collect, the duplicates will automatically have the same logic bricks.


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