Webinar: Pano2VR 101 | Getting Started

This is the first part in a series intended to help users new to Pano2VR or those who need a refresher course. In this webinar, we went over the absolute basics of Pano2VR which included importing images, creating a basic tour, patching the nadir, level, and uploading to Facebook and WordPress.

00:00 Welcome and about Pano2VR

01:22 Begin
01:39 Bringing a single pano into Pano2VR
02:44 Exporting the image

3:52 Creating a basic tour

7:43 Adjusting the tour’s thumbnail preview images
9:58 Adding text to the preview images

12:33 Adding more to the tour and making fixes
12:51 Leveling
15:25 Patching a nadir

18:35 Exporting for Facebook
21:25 Exporting a package for WordPress

23:55 Answering some questions

27:40 Revisiting leveling

29:33 Back to WordPress

31:45 Answering more questions

– getting started:
– setting the default view:
– tour building:
– leveling:
– patching:
– wordpress plugin:

– documentation:
– blog:
– email:


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