UPBGE 0.3 Ultra Graphics & Gameplay Demo (Testing Exporting + Behind the Scenes)

A game I’ve been working on for a couple days here and there. Still have a lot to do but I really wanted to share this progress update because Eevee’s graphics just look stunning in real-time and everything looks so smooth. I also should apologize for my animations, I was making them at about 2 in the morning and was too lazy to animate the arms correctly. #UPBGE #Eevee

Want to try UPBGE 0.3? go to and look at their “alpha builds”

Check out ThaTimster:

0:00 Exported game engine runtime
2:49 Hardware and game info
4:20 Behind the scenes/Intro cutscene
8:55 Behind the scenes/Game level + scripting
10:40 Having fun and making changes

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