Unreal Engine for Filmmakers – Create Cinematic 3D Worlds for Free [Course in Description!]

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In this video, I dive into the benefits of using Unreal Engine as a filmmaker! I discuss how it is being used in the industry today for virtual production, as well as how it can benefit low budget productions and personal projects in post production or pre-production. Also included is a quick tutorial on how to use Quixel Megascans assets in your projects.

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–Contents of this video——–
0:00 – Intro to Unreal Engine
1:31 – Virtual Production
2:42 – Unreal Engine for Post Production
3:10 – What is Unreal Engine?
4:10 – Quixel Megascans
5:02 – Quixel Bridge Walkthrough
6:17 – Exporting Assets to UE
6:48 – Unreal Engine UI Walkthrough
8:48 – Using Megascans Assets
9:18 – Lighting
11:36 – Final Thoughts

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