Unreal Engine 5 in Archviz Crash Course Pt1 + (Community Challenge Announcement)

Today’s tutorial is a crash course for beginners in getting you started in archviz and Unreal Engine 5.
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Current Challenge Announcement:
We are happy to announce our first community challenge, I’m still working on the full announcement and rules.
For now, to get started:
Make a moodboard and follow the steps from our last video tutorial on YouTube.
Discord Link:

00:00 Intro
00:20 Community Challenge
00:45 Making Moodboards
01:50 My problem with pinterest
02:00 PureRef
03:45 Google Tip
04:05 analyzing reference
05:02 3d modeling in a nutshell
06:06 how do I work?
06:50 Datasmith + Tips
09:43 Downloading Unreal Engine
11:11 Unreal Project Browser
11:47 Funny ad (Sorry for music)
12:04 Take a deep breath
12:10 Unreal Crash Course
17:45 Enable Datasmith
18:33 Falafel
18:44 Creating folders for our project
20:00 Importing our project
21:50 UVW box mapping
23:08 Lighting our project
24:05 Auto Exposure
25:33 World Outliner
25:56 Sky Atmosphere
26:52 Looook at this!
27:05 Lighting tip
28:16 Where is the sky light?
29:00 It’s ya boi Yahiya!

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