Unreal Engine 5 Environment Tutorial for Beginners – Creating a Crystal Mine

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Learn to create Game Environments in Unreal Engine 5. Creating Game Environments have their own challenges. In this tutorial you will see all the steps to create a believable Game Environment.By the end of this Tutorial you will have a better understanding on how art theory is applied on games so you can create better looking levels for your games.

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Intro to World Building in Unreal Engine:

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:57 Blocking the environment
0:09:24 Closing our cave
0:17:59 Verticality
0:29:07 Decorating the ground
0:35:45 Creating Wooden Platforms
0:42:56 Creating our platform kits
0:50:09 Set dressing our environment
0:59:52 Tweaking the set dressing
1:09:57 Importing Assets from Sketchfab
1:19:48 Adding Crystals to our scene
1:27:31 Color balance and theory
1:36:43 Set dressing tips
1:48:14 Lightning our scene
1:56:21 Post Processing and final touches

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