Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Modeling Tutorial – Learn to Model Inside Unreal!

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Learn to model inside Unreal Engine 5!

Is it possible to model everything entirely inside Unreal? The Modeling tools Plugin allows you to do several modeling operations that would typically require you to go outside of Unreal and use a software like Blender or 3ds Max.

In this video you will learn the most important features to model inside Unreal Engine 5. We believe the tools are the future and will have tremendous improvements in the future.

After watching this video you will be confident to model several objects inside Unreal and become more efficient!

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Intro to World Building in Unreal Engine:

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Shamless self promo
0:00:54 Activating the tools
0:01:58 Creating Shapes
0:13:39 Poly Extrude
0:22:46 Path Extrude
0:25:33 Path Revolve
0:32:42 Mesh Revolve
0:35:29 Append
0:39:45 Duplicate
0:41:47 Poly Edit
0:48:59 Poly Deform
0:50:31 Edge Insert
0:52:04 Loop Insert
0:52:53 Booleans
0:55:50 Mesh Cut
0:57:17 SubD Modeling
0:59:41 Triangle Selection
1:05:43 Triangle Edit
1:07:34 Hole Fill
1:09:14 Plane Cut
1:10:38 Mirror
1:12:00 Poly Cut
1:15:02 Trim
1:16:23 Sculpting
1:26:42 Deformers
1:30:02 Displace
1:35:59 Transform Tools
1:40:38 Mesh Operations
1:47:38 Voxel Operations
1:53:46 Material Editor
1:59:12 Baking models
2:07:37 UV Mapping
2:12:12 Modeling a Castle in UE5

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