Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial for Beginners | Free UE4 Training

In this free Unreal Engine 4 for beginners tutorial video you will learn all of the basics of creating an environment in UE4. This includes setting UE4 up properly, creating and texturing a landscape, importing 3D models (static meshes), adding grass and trees with the foliage tool and using lighting and post -processing effects.
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If you want to take your learning beyond what I have been able to cover in my videos then I recommend checking out the following:
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You will need to have Unreal Engine 4 installed on your PC in order to follow these videos. Check out this video to learn how to download and install Unreal Engine 4 –

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timestamps (thanks to Chozume):

0:00 introductions
6:30 Interfaces
9:26 Creating and saving Levels
12:45 Navigating 3D Space in the Viewport
18:01 Introduction to Landscapes
25:44 Landscape Sculpting
39:09 Creating a Landscape from a Height Map
43:37 Creating your own Landscape
59:12 Creating a new Material
1:03:04 Material Editor Interface
1:05:50 Changing the Colour of a Material
1:10:47 Applying a Material to a Mesh
1:13:06 Adding Roughness to a Material
1:16:38 Importing Assets (Textures)
1:19:41 Adding a Texture to the base Colour of a Material
1:23:14 Adding a Normal Map to a Material
1:26:06 Adding Comments to organise Materials
1:28:38 Using Parameters & Material Instances
1:34:45 Using Parameters to Change Texture Sizes
1:39:53 Creating a Landscape Material
1:49:02 Painting a Landscape with different Textures
2:00:32 Importing Static Meshes
2:05:57 Creating the Materials for the Cabin
2:09:05 Creating the Window Material for the Cabin
2:15:33 Importing the Cabin Static Mesh into the Level
2:23:59 Importing and Adding the Rocks into the Level
2:32:00 Importing and Adding the Fireplace into the Level
2:41:08 Importing the Grass & Creating the Material
3:01:56 Adding Grass to the Level with the Foliage Tool
3:14:55 Importing the Tree and working with LODs
3:29:25 Creating a Forest using the Foliage Tool
3:36:27 Adding Rocks to the Terrain using the Foliage Tool
3:42:04 Controlling Performance and Quality with Engine Scalability Settings
3:47:05 Changing and Improving the Sun and Sky. (Colour/Angle/Light Shaft/Bloom)
3:55:13 Creating Lights (Point/Spot Light, Change Colour/Intensity/Attenuation Radius)
4:00:49 Building Lighting
4:08:18 Adding Fog (Exponential Height Fog)
4:11:12 Using Post Processing (Depth of Field/Saturation/Contrast/Bloom/Vignette)
4:17:37 Adding Particle Effects to the Level (Fire&Smoke)


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