Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints for Beginners Tutorial

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This video is tough to make. It’s a beginners Blueprints tutorial for Unreal Engine 4. But Blueprint is such a vast topic, it would take 100 videos to teach everything there is to know about them. So in this video, I want to introduce you to Blueprint as simple as possible. This video is for those of you who have never done a single line of Blueprint programming.

I’m a big believer in LEARNING BY DOING!

So jump straight into my Top Down Shooter tutorial when you are finished with this video.

Top Down Shooter –

Getting familiar with Blueprint in Unreal Engine 4 will take hundreds of hours. It’s a skill like anything else. The more you work with it, the better you’ll get at it. You truly must put in the work to get good with Blueprint. It’s not as easy as people would like you to believe it is. But, once you get good with it, you can make virtually anything you want. It’s very powerful!

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