Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial for Artists | Setting up Assets, Material Blending, and More!

Hey there everyone! After quite a long hiatus I’m finally back with another tutorial. Definitely going to take me a while to get used to this all again so excuse the quiet/nervous voice. I’ll be back to normal after a few uploads (I HOPE). In this video, I cover quite a bit. I was requested by my friend Chris to do a beginner level tutorial on Unreal Engine 4 covering various topics an artist would need to know. Time stamps for all the topics as well as links that will supply you with more information can be found under this paragraph. Hope this helps some of you get pointed in the right direction. Have a great day 😀

This tutorial was requested by my buddy Chris, be sure to check out his portfolio here:
Unique Props: 2:30
Multiple Material Props / Generating Light maps: 12:15
-Official Light map Documentation:

-Official Material Documentation:
Landscape Overview 22:55
-Using height maps for terrain:

-Generating a landscape material for Unreal via World Creator:

-Official Terrain documentation:
Vertex Paining 26:20

-Another great source for learning vertex paining:

-A different approach to tiling textures via triplanner mapping:
Lighting: 48:25

-Unreal Engine Lighting Tutorial (Really recommend this channel!):

-Official lighting basics:

-Info on optimizing light builds:


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Le Gaming Live est mort, vive le Gaming Live !

Le Gaming Live est mort, vive le Gaming Live !