Unity VFX Graph – Yasuo Wind Wall Effect Tutorial

Let’s recreate Yasuo’s Wind Wall (W) from League of Legends in Unity! It’s an inspired version, a fan made version, accompanied with a tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the magic of Visual Effects in Unity. We are going to use VFX Graph, Shader Graph, Blender and Krita. Enjoy!

Check out the game we are developing at Golden Bug:

00:00 Intro
01:11 VFX Graph – Motion
04:10 Blender – Yasuo Wall
07:25 VFX Graph – Assign Wall
08:06 Shader Graph – Wind Shader
11:53 Krita – Mask Texture
13:00 VFX Graph – Adjusting Values
14:18 VFX Graph – Adding Layers
16:00 VFX Graph – Ground Shadow
17:19 VFX Graph – Small Winds
19:10 End Result











*VFX Assets Packages*

Unique Projectiles Vol 1:

Unique Projectiles Vol 2:

Unique Projectiles Vol 3:

VFX Graph – Mega Pack – Vol 1:

VFX Graph – Mega Pack – Vol 2:

VFX Graph – Mega Pack – Vol 3:

*VFX Graph Tutorials*

VFX Graph – Magic Orb:

VFX Graph – Weapon Effects:

VFX Graph – Portals:

VFX Graph – Flamethrower:

VFX Graph – Loot Drop:

VFX Graph – Lightning:

VFX Graph – Muzzle Flash:

VFX Graph – Hits N Impacts:

VFX Graph – Heat Distortion:

VFX Graph – Ice Attack:

VFX Graph – Stylized Fire:

*Shader Graph Tutorials*

Shader Graph – Fire Flames:

Shader Graph – Cartoon Water:

Shader Graph – Laser Beam:

Shader Graph – Fire:

Shader Graph – Tornado:

Shader Graph – Blood:

Shader Graph – Waterfall:

Shader Graph – Galaxy:

Shader Graph – Black Hole:

Shader Graph – Ground Cracks:

Shader Graph – Grow Shader:

Shader Graph – Interactive Snow:

Shader Graph – Liquid Shader:

Shader Graph – Glowing Crystals:

Shader Graph – Clouds:

*Other VFX Videos*

Glowing Orb:

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Destroy / Explode Objects:

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Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have, I’ll answer as quickly as possible. And don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you!

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