Unity Tutorial: The Basics (For Beginners)

This video is a Unity 3D tutorial to teach basics of Unity, to get beginners started with the software.

0:00 Intro
1:06 Creating a Project
1:29 Creating a Scene
1:49 Learning the Interface
3:57 Importing Unity Packages
4:37 Creating a Terrain
6:30 Adding a Skybox
7:00 Adding a Player
8:30 Importing your own stuff

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Before the coding, before the multiplayer implementation, before the networking, before the optimization, before the graphics, if you’re a beginner, it’s vital that you are 100% comfortable with the engine you are using to build your game. Therefore I created a Unity3D tutorial, mainly directed for the beginner audience. In under 12 minutes, you will learn all the unity basics, from interface, to creating the world in which the player will play in! I tried to make this tutorial as simple and appealing as possible. I hope this helps all the beginners out there 🙂


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