Unity Tutorial – Shoot Projectiles in FPS

Unity Visual Effect – Shooting Magic Orbs in First Person

This time we are going to see how to shoot Projectiles in a First Person perspective. We will see the easiest way possible to make them Arc, creating this cool motion that can be easily customized.








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VFX Packages:

Unique Projectiles Volume 1:

Unique Projectiles Volume 2:

Unique Explosions Volume 1:

Unique Lasers Volume 1:

Unique Magic Abilities Volume 1:

Unique Toon Projectiles Volume 1:

VFX Graph Tutorials:

VFX Graph – Magic Orb:

VFX Graph – Weapon Effects:

VFX Graph – Portals:

VFX Graph – Flamethrower:

VFX Graph – Warp Drive / Lightspeed:

Shader Graph Tutorials:

Shader Graph – Fire Flames:

Shader Graph – Cartoon Water:

Shader Graph – Laser Beam:

Shader Graph – Fire:

Shader Graph – Tornado:

Shader Graph – Blood:

Shader Graph – Electricity:

Shader Graph – Nuke:

Shader Graph – Shield:

Shader Graph – Waterfall:

Shader Graph – Galaxy:

Shader Graph – Black Hole:

Game VFX Tutorials:

Game Effects – Electric Explosion:

Game Effects – Fireball Projectile:

Game Effects – Slash Effect:

Game Effects – Tornado Effect:

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Game Effects – Projectile / Bullet Raycast:

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Game Effects – Shatter / Destroy / Explode Objects:

Game Effects – Meteor:

Game Effects – Loot Box:

Game Effects – Dragon Ball Aura:

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Unity Shooting Projectiles in First Person
Unity VFX Magic Orbs in FPS
Shooting Projectiles in FPS
Fire Projectiles
First Person
Unity VFX


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