Unity Multiplayer Tutorial – Photon 2 Setup (Part 1)

Welcome to this new tutorial series on creating multiplayer video games in Unity using the Photon 2 PUN plugin. For this lesson, we will show you how to download, install and set up the Photon 2 plugin in your Unity projects. Before you follow along with any of the other lessons in this tutorial series, you must complete this video. We will be providing the downloadable add-ons for all the other videos in this series but these add-ons will not include the original Photon plugin. You must get that from the official Photon website.

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The first thing you will need to do in this lesson is to create a Photon account. Once you have registered an account you will need to create a new Photon app project. You will then need to fill out some information about your multiplayer game and then you will click create. After creating a new app you will need to copy the AppID for later.

Back in Unity, you will need to go to the Unity Asset Store and search for the PUN 2 free plugin. You will need to download and install this plugin in your project. After importing this plugin a new window will appear. This is the PUN wizard and you need to paste your project AppID into this window and then you will click setup project. The next thing we will do is establish our very first connection to the Photon master server. To do this we will need to create a new script. In this new script, the only thing we will do for this tutorial is to initialize the network connection.


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