ULogin Pro
This is the add ons for MFPS 2.0 of ULogin Pro, this is a must have extension if you are developing a serious game, with this system players will can create accounts for authenticated and save they statistics of game like: Kills, Deaths, Score, Play Time, etc… also with this you will can ban players (by IP or they account), comes with a Ranking system where you can display the Top 10, Top 100 Top 1000, etc… wherever you want, an Admin panel where you can see some statistics of game.

The package is fully customizable use full UGUI with an professional and clean example UI design.

Main differences between ULogin System and ULogin Pro:

– Email confirmation (optional)
– Store play time.
– Game statistics.
– Complete Admin Panel.
– Player login name and nickname.
– Players can change password.
– Players can change nickname (Optional)
– Check ban in play time.
– Optimize system.
– Support Ticket system.
– Ranking not longer require login to display users.
– Case sensitivity.
– Play as guest.
– UnityWebRequest.
– Data Base check.

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