UE4 Cinematic Tutorial – How to Make Professional Cinematic Cutscenes in Sequencer, Unreal Engine 4


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Welcome to my YouTube Channel! My name is Gavin Eisenbeisz, and I am an indie game developer. I started making games as a hobby back in 2013, have made many games in these past years, and am now working on a game called My Beautiful Paper Smile. I use Unreal Engine 4, and have gained enough experience that I have started giving back to the game development community by sharing tutorials on how you can improve your games, and learn more about UE4.

If you enjoy my content, and want to support me, the best things you can do would be subscribing to the channel, and maybe checking out my game, My Beautiful Paper Smile from the link above.

Thanks everyone!
-Gavin Eisenbeisz (Two Star Games)

Background music: Cette Fleur N’est Pas La Mienne, by Ariya Hedie.

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