Top 10 Pro-Tips to Know Working with Lumberyard | Lumberyard Tutorial 2019.26

Become a Lumberyard power user with these top 10 pro-tips to know when using the Lumberyard Editor in this game dev video tutorial.
Captured in Lumberyard Engine v1.21 Beta
Narrated by John R. Diaz

Chapter Timings:
0:00 Start
0:39 10.Global Preferences
2:26 9.Help Menu
3:36 8.Quick Access Bar
4:26 7.Keyboard Customization & Hotkeys @
5:53 6.Console Variables (CVARs)
5. Hidden Menu Bars @ 8:02
4. Layout Customization @ 10:41
3. Useful File Paths @ 12:56
2. Script Canvas Debugger & Statistics tool @ 14:36
1. Perforce Plugin @16:48

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