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    How to add a loading screen BGE

    In this tutorial we go over how to add a loading screen to your games in the blender game engine and explain why you can’t manually load the game. We also cover the advantages of this system compared to having no loading screen. Finished .blend: Likes, comments shares appreciated! Subscribe for more! Website: […] More

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    How to Customize Realtime Text in BGE

    In this tutorial I go over how to change the quality and colour of text in the blender game engine. We will cover changing all the text objects in all scenes, and how to manipulate other objects individually. Leave a like or a comment and share with anyone who would find it useful! Subscribe for […] More

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    How to add render to texture video script in bge

    in this tutorial i show you how to use the render to texture script from I go over how to use it as security camera’s and gun scopes although it can be used for many other things as well such as mirrors, video camera’s and even refraction!. Likes comments shares etc. are greatly appreciated! […] More

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    juste 1 detail : Pattern Singleton

    hello les amis c’est solo ! on crée des jeux avec Godot engine si vous voulez prolonger la discussion n’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre sur le discord solo_code : Godot Engine : twitter : @CodenetSolo on crée des jeux avec Godot Engine en version 3.6, en “python” GDscript, le logiciel est gratuit et […] More

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    Creare un GIOCO con UNITY Tutorial ITA #1 -basi-

    Salve a tutti!Oggi scopriremo le basi per saper utilizzare Unity al meglio. Quindi: Inspector, Hierarchy, Scene, Game, Project, Layouts, Console. PATREON: grazie infinito in anticipo a tutti coloro che vorranno supportarci, che sono color che ci permettono di andare avanti! Buona Visione!Se il video ti è piaciuto, lascia un like e un commento! […] More

  • Drag&Drop mit Python - Blender 3D Game Engine Tutorial

    Drag&Drop mit Python – Blender 3D Game Engine Tutorial

    Hier lernt Ihr, wie man mit Python Drag & Drop von Objekten umsetzen kann. Ich habe zwar keine besonders sinnvolle Anwendungsidee, jedoch ein kleines Testszenario entworfen, um es anschaulicher zu machen. Betroffen sind alle Objekte der Szene, die auf “dynamic” eingestellt sind. Das Script findet Ihr hier: Ist der Daumen oben, wird man Euch […] More

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