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    Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial | Simple Score / Point System

    In this Unreal Engine 4 tutorial we’ll create a basic score system increasing the Player’s score when shooting appearing targets. The tutorial is a continuation of these two: 1) Use Array to Create a Shooting Range – 2) Auto-Spawn Targets with Tags and Timer – Source More

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    [TUTO FR] Unity 4.6 : Survival shooter Gestion du score #8

    Nouvelle série de tutoriel sur untiy 4.6 pour débutant ou confirmé.Gestion du score Unity 4.6: Unity Package:!rQd0lKAR!VdWfyyn711prXQgB1us7j28DePwJ_Q6_zEXyG4JK_Ms Facebook : Twitter : Source More

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    FlappyBoid Introduction to CRYENGINE – Chapter 7: Keeping Score

    TimeCode Topic 0:14 Creating a Game Token variable to save the player’s score 1:19 Setting a Game Token data type 1:58 Initializing the value of a Game Token in Flow Graph 2:22 Initializing the score with a Mission:GameTokenSet node 2:43 Displaying the score with a Debug:DisplayMessage node 4:04 Incrementing the score with a Mission:GameTokenModify node […] More