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    The Simple Environment Art Guide for a Game with 3DS Max – CRYENGINE Sandbox

    Senior 3D Artist Ronny Mühle and Principal 3D Environment Artist Tom Deerburg deliver a comprehensive Master Class showing you how to create environment assets for your levels. 00:00:00 – Introduction 00:00:35 – Exporting textures from Photoshop: albedo, normal, gloss, etc. 00:02:36 – Creating materials in Photoshop 00:05:38 – Debugging: seeing various textures with View Modes […] More

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    The CRYENGINE Rendering Pipeline

    Watch Technical Director Theodor Mader give a 90 minute, deep-dive presentation packed with insights about the CRYENGINE rendering pipeline. 0:00:00 – Introduction 0:00:50 – Graphics APIs support 0:00:58 – Support for VR operating systems 0:01:09 – Course goals 0:01:42 – Code modules relevant to rendering pipeline 0:02:22 – Tasks handled by Cry3DEngine module 0:02:29 – […] More

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    FlappyBoid Introduction to CRYENGINE – Chapter 4: Adding the Game Over Text

    TimeCode Topic 0:00 Introduction 0:26 Modifying sunlight using the Environment Editor 1:25 Adding the “game over” entities 6:55 Assigning a material to the letter entities 7:15 Grouping vs.linking entities 8:52 Assigning mass to the game over box 9:13 Adding a game over camera 9:36 Using layers to organize entities 10:31 Saving the game over view […] More