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    Stargate Timekeepers : La série culte de retour sur PC avec un RTS

    La Porte des Étoiles sera en effet bientôt réactivée, puisque Creative Forge Games et Slitherine viennent d'annoncer Stargate : Timekeepers sur PC. Aucune date de sortie n'est annoncée pour le moment, mais on sait déjà qu'il s'agira d'un jeu de stratégie… Lire l’article original More

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    Blender Game Engine Tutorial: RTS Controls

    Tutorial requested by glassoctopus The .blend: — Mar 15, 2013 — Removed definition of self.scene, so that it doesn’t conflict with the implicitly defined attribute in the latest version of blender. Source More

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    How to make a Tower Defense Game (E07 CAMERA) – Unity Tutorial

    In this video we create a Camera Controller that allow the player to move around the camera in an RTS-inspired way. ♥ Support my videos on Patreon: ● RTS-Camera Forum Thread:● Download Project on GitHub: ···················································································· Learn how to make a 3D Tower Defence Game using Unity. All code is written entirely […] More

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    Panzar | Episode 1 par L7CFox

    Vidéo commentée sur Panzar Episode 1 sur PC ! ► Lien du site Panzar FR : – Panzar doté du Moteur 3D/Graphique le CryEngine 3, le moteur 3D de Crysis 2 et 3 et de la série des Far Cry est un MMO RTS que l’on peut qualifier d’exceptionnel car il est à la […] More

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    2.10 RTS HUD Setup [UE 4 – RTS Tutorial]

    Welcome to the 10th lesson in creating a Real Time Strategy Game in #UnrealEngine. This video in our #Unreal #RTS series covers setting up our user interface/HUD (for time). In the next video, will be split into two lessons. Released on the same day. The first lesson (approximately an hour) will set up functionality of […] More

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