Setting up a Player Character in CRYENGINE [FBX]

Hosted by CRYENGINE Learning Manager Brian Dilg, this tutorial shows you how to integrate character models, including animations, into the existing player entity in the C++ isometric template. The short tutorial uses an adorable deer as its subject. You can view a completed level with all assets imported using the FBX pipeline here:

You can download the source assets for the Deer character on the documentation page about this tutorial:

Installing Visual Studio tutorial:
Compiling a C++ CRYENGINE Project:

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Understanding Where the Default Player Is Defined
01:17 – Related tutorials to set up for this tutorial: Installing Visual Studio; Creating a C++ Project in Visual Studio can be found in the coding playlist:
01:38 – FBX vs Plug-In Workflow
02:22 – Creating the Project From a Template
02:44 – Setting Up the New Character Folder
03:10 – Importing and Setting Up an .FBX Animated Character
03:28 – Importing the FBX Into the Character Tool
04:24 – Examining Your Imported Character
04:53 – Display Options in the Character Tool
05:39 – Creating a Physics Proxy
06:11 – Editing the player.xml File
07:02 – Editing SkeletonList.xml
07:40 – Separating the animations
10:11 – Changing the Default Character in C++
10:42 – Generating a C++ Solution
11:26 – Configuring Build Method in Visual Studio
11:50 – Modifying the Player Character in Player.cpp
12:12 – Building and Testing Your Project From C++
13:03 – Assigning Animations in the Mannequin Editor
13:35 – Finding Help With Mannequin in the Documentation
14:18 – Using Mannequin to Assign Animations

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