Python Blender 2.8 Tutorial: Updated Registration Method [learn python for beginners]

Blender 2.8 Tutorial, learn python scripting (for beginners)
In this video, we will be taking a look at the updated Registration Method for our script(s) and add-ons. The updated or new way to register classes is much more convenient than it was before.

In order to register any new classes we have to copy and paste “bpy.utils.register_class()”. Then paste (or type) the name of our new Class. We then had to copy/paste it again for the Unregister.

We no longer have to copy and paste a whole bunch of stuff. When adding any new classes, we just simply add the class name in to the “classes” list.

If you would like to use the template script or the updated registration snippet, you can find the download link in our blog. I hope you find this video helpful and as always thanks for watching!..


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