Project Zomboid Build 35 | Season 3: Ep 3 | Dr. Oids | Let's Play!

Let’s play Project Zomboid build 35! Project Zomboid has been updated for build 35 featuring new traits, metalwork, new taller trees, multistage buildings, and much more. Project Zomboid is a isometric zombie survival game. It attempts to capture the feeling of actually surviving in a world taken over by zombies. It is currently in build 35 of the Alpha and is constantly changing and expanding.

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Build 35 Features:

Balanced nutrition, weight progression should be more linear… (really need feedback on this one ;))
Added nights events, be carefull where you sleep, close the curtains and turn off the TV!
Adjusted zombie behaviour in terms of night-time house lighting
Big trees in wilderness
Changed way “lucky” and “unlucky” traits works, changed the way lower odds, it’s now a fixed % instead of weird numbers calculation.
Native model loading support for weapon mods
Added new skill books (first aid…)
Alarm clocks/Sleeping tweaks:
Your alarm clock and digital watches are now usefull to wake you up!
Without them, you’ll wake up only when your character is not tired anymore
Set the time to ring the alarm, enable it and you’re good.
And don’t forget to turn off the alarm…
Your character can have trouble falling asleep, meaning he could wake up still a bit tired
You’ll not be able to sleep if you’re in pain or panicked (you can counter this with sleeping pills…), while being anxious could bring some nightmares…
You can now scavenge world items (chair, shelves…) to obtain materials
This often require tools and skills, low skill could end in the destruction of the item
Metal welding:
Craft various objects from walls to fences, windows… In metal!
You’ll need a blowtorch (works on propane) and a metal welding mask in order to craft anything involving metal
Multiple stage building:
You’re now able to upgrade your constructions if you have to appropriate skills
It’ll take some materials to upgrade your constructions and you need the right skill (ex: you build a wall lvl 1, then hit lvl 4 carpentry, right click on the wall and upgrade it!)
You now first need to build a frame (wooden or metal) before building a wall or a window.

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