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Ahoy there mateys! Before you set sail for adventure, romance and fortune, sit your landlubber behind down and watch our Pirates: Tides of Fortune Beginner Tutorial video. You’ll get your sea legs in no time!

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is ruthless strategy MMO, where other players won’t hesitate to send you down to Davy Jones’ locker with the first sign of weakness. If you want to sail the Caribbean Sea and claim its treasures for yourself, you’ll have to train a mighty pirate crew, build a proper pirate Haven, and discover new ways to sink your enemies’ ships.

Luckily for you, the Pirates Beginner Tutorial video can help you get started quickly. The video follows the in-game tutorial to show you exactly where everything is. You’ll learn to build new building and expand your Haven, train more pirate warriors to send to battle, and unlock more units and technology. You’ll even meet the beautiful yet deadly Captain Bonnie O’Malley.

Naturally, the video doesn’t just go over the in-game tutorial. There is an ocean of knowledge here, with tips and suggests floating around it. Be mindful and listen closely and you’ll start your seafaring adventure with an advantage over our pirates.

Once you’re done watching, put your eye-patch back on and set sail with Pirates: Tides of Fortune. Don’t forget to feed your parrot!

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