NFS UPBGE canyon concept #1

Original and credit
This is basically inside a modified version of blender named UPBGE
apparently you can make games and use it as standard blender
i only found out about this through a random message in discord
just a guy thrown a link to the video while people discussing about a mod tool that is under development for old NFS games
will place his name here if wanted me to credit him
the tool i am talking about is hypercooled
you can see the trailer here
(also i recommend joining it’s discord)
still underdevelopment but looks promising, the road is from the game and was extracted through the tool, then i used the landscape tool in blender, added some modifiers and got this running
the canyon itself is orignal

if you wanted to try this out, you will need first UPBGE (the link ) and download the orginal from the linked video
or you could download this version and run it from this link
once in, press P to activate game mode, make sure you are in camera mode to have camera following the car

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