Multiplayer Custom Character Creator Tutorial – Unreal Engine 4.26

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Several months ago, I released a free character creator project for single player games. Many people have used this project to improve their skills and build on. But it wasn’t setup for multiplayer. So in this video, we will take that project and build on it to work for multiplayer. It will work as a sort of lobby where one player is the Host, and 3 other players can connect. Once connected and in the lobby, player’s can customize their characters. Once all players have clicked the Ready button, the host can now start the game and load into the main game level. All clients will have their custom characters brought into the new level replicating. Fun!

This isn’t a beginner tutorial by any means. But, as long as you follow along carefully and do everything that I do, you will have it working by the end of the video.

If you’d rather just purchase the completed project, then by all means I give you that option. Just click the link above. Enjoy!

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