Model A Basic Chair With SketchUp

This lesson demonstrates how to build a life-size chair out of dimensional lumber using SketchUp. It uses the web-based version of SketchUp, like SketchUp For Schools. No prior experience with SketchUp is really necessary, making this an ideal project for any student. A follow-up lesson on building a matching table introduces and new skills for building the table and reinforces the skills from building this chair.

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Making A Chair
01:23 – Getting Started With SketchUp
02:54 – The First Leg
03:54 – Grouping – Super Important!
04:22 – Adding The Second Leg
07:46 – Why Grouping Is IMPORTANT!
09:25 – Adding The Horizontal Supports
12:06 – Building The Seat
14:07 – Copy/Divide
17:47 – Building The Back
19:03 – Adding Materials
20:26 – How To Hand It In

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