Medieval Level Design Tutorial With FREE Assets in Unreal Engine 4

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In this level design tutorial, we’re going to create a Medieval scene using FREE assets in Unreal Engine 4. We’ll use assets from Megascans as well as the Unreal Marketplace. Everything is free to use so follow along as we build this scene from scratch. You will build it with me every step of the way. No fast forwarding at all. The only parts skipped are parts where the shaders are compiling or I’m downloading assets.

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I’m going to be creating a project from scratch so you can watch every step of the way as we build this scene in a couple of hours. We’ll then install Quixel Bridge to make the process of adding Megascans assets incredibly easy. I much prefer using Bridge to get the assets instead of downloading entire packages from the Unreal Marketplace. You’ll save yourself a lot of time.

Next, we’ll get a free landscape material from the Marketplace. But, it’s not perfect so we’ll need to improve it so that we can add in assets from Quixel Megascans. We want to use some of the dirt/mud textures that are part of the Medieval scene that we’ll be building.

Once the landscape is ready, we’ll head over to Quixel Bridge and start adding in the pieces for the Medieval house, some barrels, wooden planks, grass and weeds, rocks, and whatever else you fancy. Feel free to add whatever you want. I am but a guide. Get creative! Bridge is a very powerful tool. Learn to love it.

When we’re done building out the scene, we’ll improve the post processing by creating a LookUpTable in Photoshop. This is what I prefer for the finishing touches in my levels, but you can always use the Color Grading options in the post process volume if you don’t have Photoshop. It’s no biggy.

I highly recommend you pause the video often as you follow along. I have cut out the parts where I’m downloading assets, importing them, and compiling shaders. So be sure to Pause often.

0:00 Quick showcase of the scene we’ll be creating from a brand new project, and getting the project created in Unreal Engine. We’ll also add the free landscape assets from the Marketplace, and download and setup Quixel Bridge.

2:55 Adding the first asset from Quixel Bridge. You’ll learn how to install the Megascans plugin so that assets can import into your project automatically.

5:10 Lets setup the landscape material and spend some time improving it so that we can edit all the layers with custom textures. This landscape material can serve you well for all sorts of projects. Keep it!

14:07 Adding the modular door meshes from Quixel Bridge into the Medieval project. We’ll put the house together before we work on lighting the environment.

24:37 Now it’s time to setup the lighting to improve the look of our scene. You’ll learn how to properly use dynamic lighting to get the best from the PBR Megascan assets. Most people don’t know how to light dynamic scenes correctly. You’ll learn how in this part.

28:40 Adding free background mountains from the Unreal Marketplace. Let’s give our Medieval level some depth!

35:22 Time to build the old wooden fence! We’ll add a couple of wooden planks from Quixel Bridge and spend some time building out the fence. Take your time, get creative. Lots of rotating, scaling, and translating.

44:50 Let’s paint in the dirt/mud path and then add in the barrel before we start adding in foliage from Bridge.

47:10 RESTART YOUR PROJECT, or reload your level. Doing so tends to update the lighting/fog in the level. I forgot about this and should have restarted when we first setup the lighting earlier in the video. So do it now. Then we’ll add and start placing the foliage.

54:00 Time to do a little more editing with the lighting and some nice console commands to sharpen up the level.

55:23 Time to add in free trees from the Marketplace and rocks from Quixel Bridge. We’ll then place them in the level and get the scene nearing completion!

1:05:41 Taking a high resolution screenshot that we’ll bring into Photoshop to make adjustments for our custom Look Up Table. These are really nice for finalizing the post process of your levels.

And that will do it for this Medieval level design scene in Unreal Engine 4 using the power of Quixel Megascans and Bridge to make it as easy as can be to get free, high quality assets into your projects.

And no, I’m not sponsored by Epic or Quixel. But maybe one day?



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