Master Class: Comprehensive Guide to Working with Audio in CRYENGINE

Audio Director Florian Füsslin, Lead Software Engineer Thomas Wollenzin, and Audio Designer, Dominik Zingler deliver a comprehensive overview of how to work with game audio in CRYENGINE.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:18 Intro to game audio: linear media
00:00:31 Agenda
00:05:45 Thinking in terms of conditions
00:07:20 Thinking in real time
00:07:37 Audio production
00:08:50 Processing audio through DAW software
00:10:24 Processing audio through audio middleware
00:12:03 Overview of audio setup in CRYENGINE
00:14:37 Dealing with ambience (echo, reverb)
00:16:26 Working with audio code- overview
00:17:01 abstraction and audio middleware
00:17:52 High level overview of audio code design
00:18:59 Core concepts – audio system
00:24:56 Audio Controls Editor overview
00:26:01 Overview: Executing global functionality
00:27:25 Overview: Executing object-specific functionality
00:29:18 Overview: Executing object-specific functionality withint explicitly handling audio objects
00:29:53 Overview: Executing functionality via entities
00:32:35 C++ demo
00:33:32 Enabling audio debugging cVars using a .cfg file
00:34:50 Onscreen debugging information through s_DebugDraw
00:36:15 the Audio Controls Editor
00:36:49 Importing audio files into an ACE library
00:37:18 Assiging an imported audio file to a trigger
00:44:16 Executing object-specific functionality withint explicitly handling audio objects
00:45:29 Making audio follow an entity
00:48:58 Creating an aux audio object on an entity
00:52:35 Flo introduces Dominik’s lesson
00:53:22 Hands-on middleware tutorial
00:53:37 ACE, sound banks, and triggers
00:55:35 Finding the sample project source files
00:56:10 The fMod interface
00:56:41 Importing audio files into an FMOD event
00:57:02 Understanding multi-instruments in FMOD
00:57:40 Creating a sound bank
00:58:07 Assing an audio event to a sound bank
00:59:02 Adding a sound bank to a CRYENGINE audio library
01:00:09 Add an audio trigger to a library
01:00:39 Organizing audio entities in Level Explorer
01:01:16 Adding a trigger spot to a level
01:01:42 Making an ambient sound loop continuously
01:02:25 Snapping entities to geometry
01:02:46 Audio debugging
01:04:31 Creating a sound for a particle effect in FMOD
01:04:50 Creating a 3D event in FMOD
01:05:57 Adding a loop region to a multi-instrument in FMOD
01:08:37 Preparing ACE triggers while sound banks are still being created
01:10:08 Adding audio to a particle effect
01:11:48 Setting up attentuation in FMOD
01:13:04 Adding a parameter in FMOD
01:14:10 Adding an EQ effect in FMOD

In under 90 minutes, the presentation introduces audio production, an overview of the core concepts in CRYENGINE’s audio system, the audio setup process in CRYENGINE, and more.
The presentation also includes a Middleware tutorial using FMOD as an example.
This section contains an overview of the FMOD interface, adding trigger spots to a level, making ambient sounds that loop continuously, creating a sound bank for particle effects, the debugging process, and more.

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