Making our Player Jump in C++ – CRYENGINE TUTORIAL

In the new episode, you will be shown how to take a leap forward for your player-controlled character by adding a jumping ability. As Nick goes through the process of adding the jump mechanic, he will explore and discuss the “if-statement” that makes jumping possible. Nick will then show you how to modify the jumping value in your CRYENGINE project directly in the engine. The tutorial also teaches you how to work with a previously unused part of the Character Controller, the “Air-Control-Ratio” value, that can be modified so the player can move in the air.

By following the tutorial and using the .cpp and .h file you created during the first episode (, you will finish with a player-controlled character that jumps and moves through the air!

00:00 Introduction
01:01 Modifying the Header
02:16 Adding Jumping Logic
05:52 Testing Jump Values in CRYENGINE
07:04 Modying Air-Ratio-Control
08:12 Using our Jumping

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