Low Res to High Res Texture Tutorial for Legacy Games

This tutorial teaches you how to take low resolution textures from Fallout 3, New Vegas, or other comparable older generation games, and hand paint new high-res Normal Maps on top of them. Then use Quixel Suite to make all new textures. You can even take last gen non-pbr textures and make them new highres PBR textures. This would be great for revitalizing ancient games, like Homeworld Remastered for instance, or (*ah hem*) Re-masted New Vegas.

I haven’t played Fallout 4 let alone made a mod for it, but the process would be identical on that engine except the last step of adding the AO to the Diffuse. There, you would skip that step and use the textures you get out of Quixel. I THINK. Like I said, I haven’t looked into it yet.

This video assumes you know roughly what you are doing. I didn’t go over the GECK (the cause of the failed videos this morning is still unidentified, but it was GECK’s fault — that thing is HAUNTED) and I didn’t go over the FoMod BSA Browser, Nifscope, or Nvidia DDS plugins you need to know how to use to get started. So this is an “advanced” tutorial mostly for Tgspy.

You’ll need photoshop and know how to photoshop to run this.

The Indie Version of Quixel is 80$: ($40 if you’re a student.)

The Free legacy version is here:

You will also need Niftools, which you should find probably from the latest build the devs are working on. Google it for the latest version. It is a 3rd party, us-official 3rd party tool made by fans (and they are cool as hell, so you should thank them.)

This is Digital Archeology and Restoration. If you are looking to learn how games were made a decade ago, this is the best way to learn. You’ll get a master’s degree worth of understanding of why games were made the way they were, what mistakes or issues led to what decisions, and that will inform you of how things are the way they are today. It’s a great way to learn, and in my case, a great way to extend the life of an older game like New Vegas.

Recording didn’t quite go as I expected this morning. :p Had a couple videos get dropped, causing what would have been a 30 minute quick thing turn into 13 hours (if you include working and getting back to work + rendering.) I might do another one in depth when I can take all day and 4-5 hours to go over every step of the process.


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