Learn Lumberyard Game Engine in 20 Minutes | Lumberyard Tutorial 2019.27

Watch this refresher on using the Lumberyard Editor whether it’s your first time, or it’s been a while and you need a crash course. From end to end in under 20 minutes of in editor time. It’ll cover basic world building and manipulating your essential viewports and panels in case you’re rusty.
Captured on Lumberyard Engine v1.21 Beta
Narrated by John R. Diaz

Link to hotkeys:

Chapter Timings—————————–
1. Intro 0:00
2. Demo Start 0:52
3. Camera Speed 1:12
4. Movement Controls 1:38
5. Camera Terrain Collision 2:17
6. Invert Camera 3:00
7. Customize Tool Layout 3:36
8. Display Helpers 4:25
9. Customize Hotkeys 4:52
10. Selection Lock 5:30
11. Location Goto/Remember 6:35
12. Run / Quit Game 7:30
13. Autofocus 8:00
14. Entity Outliner Options 8:23
15. Worldbuilding Workflow Overview 8:40
16. Asset Browser 9:07
17. Quick Access Bar 9:42
18. Player Slice 12:50
19. Working with Components 13:30
20. Slice workflow 14:30
21. Layers 17:57
22. Viewport Interaction Model 20:00
23. Conclusion 21:18

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