Intro to Unreal Engine C++ Tutorial

Learn to make games in Unreal Engine 4 C++ in this step-by-step video!
In this getting started C++ tutorial I will quickly take you through the setup of Visual Studio and then dive straight into programming C++ with some practical gameplay examples!

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0:00 Introduction
0:48 Visual Studio Setup
1:45 Project Setup
2:44 C++ Quick Walkthrough
5:40 Scaling Cubes on Hit
9:50 Changing Color on Hit
12:35 Exploding Actor with Radial Effect
57:50 Outro & Udemy Promo

Download Links
Visual Studio Download:
Windows SDK v8.1 Download:
Configure Visual Studio for UE4 Guide:
(Optional) Visual Assist Plugin:

Project Template: (Download this project!)

Some of the topics covered:
– Setup Visual Studio and dependencies
– Overlap queries for find nearby actors
– Creating material instances to change material parameters
– Spawning particle effects
– Creating new C++ Actor class
– Exposing variables to Blueprint using UPROPERTY
– Spawning of Actors (And destroying)
– Scaling Actors when hit by projectile
– Binding user input to a function in C++

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