How to make FPS Animations in Blender 2.8+

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AnimKave Repository:

Gamebanana Rigs:
Gamebanana Weapons:

Polybagel’s Animation/Graph Editor Tutorial:


Email (business only): jack(at)greatwallstudio(dot)com
My public Discord:


MP7 Model: Stefan Engdahl
Rig: ImBrokeRU’s Leather Gloves (check my repository)

Music (in order):
Aviino – When The Rain Came In
Allem Iversom – Awake
Sleepy Fish – for when it’s warmer
Idealism – illusions
Aviino – Bluetooth Ringtone (interlude)
Pandrezz, Nymano – Hometown
Arbour, Harris Cole – Rosewood
Allem Iversom – me and my tiger
Sleepy Fish – i wish it would never stop snowing
Nymano – Sunday Mornings
Allem Iversom – Wash
Harris Cole – larkspur


0:00 Intro
0:09 Getting started with Blender
1:30 Where to find assets
2:14 Preparing your model
5:32 Appending and rigging
7:14 Pose, constraints, and origin
9:15 Animating: Draw
10:13 Animating: Fire
10:54 Animating: Reload
11:36 Rendering in Blender
12:04 Exporting to FBX
12:35 Next Steps

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