How to Code (Download) or Clone Something From GitHub

Update August 4, 2020: the green ‘Download’ button shown in this video is now called ‘Code’.

Useful tip (thanks to @J_respect): on Android devices, click on DESKTOP SITE to see the Download / Code button.
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If you use micro-controllers, play with Arduino, or do other things that involve open-source software, you will most certainly have come across GitHub.

GitHub has become the place for people to share source code for all sorts of open-source applications ranging from simple single-file Arduino sketches to huge cloud applications consisting of thousands of files, but also other things like electronics design files or simple text documents.

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This page also has a procedure for downloading sub-folders of a repository instead of the whole thing. This may be useful when repositories are very large and you don’t need all of them.

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0:00 Intro
0:13 What is GitHub?
1:08 How to download?
1:35 Raw mode
1:51 The download button
2:21 Arduino complications
3:14 Releases
3:57 Cloning a repository
5:01 Summary

At Elektor, we publish our code on #GitHub and tell people to download it from there. We then often get the question “How do I download something from GitHub?”

This seems like a silly question for experienced users, but it is true, you cannot just download the files you see listed in a repository.

In this video, you will discover several ways of downloading something from GitHub.

Update August 4, 2020: the green ‘Download’ button shown in this video is now called ‘Code’.

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