Hex Play's: Assassin's Creed 3 Ep. 56: INFILTRATION OF FORT WOLCOTT!!

Hello Guys, this is thehexagon0 and you are watching another episode of AC3! In this episode we take the Fort of Wolcott. I did not like this one, too many quiet missions make Hex a very frustrated gamer.

I do not own any sounds in this footage all rights belong
to Ubisoft and its affiliated companies. Beginning music
created by me hence it belongs to me. beginning
animation done with 3DS Max. Recorded with Fraps. Edited with Windows Movie

Extra Tags:
phasing captured simple advanced darkness fish in a barrel let the onslaught begin you’re going to need a bigger boat onslaught c4 traps finally going loud environmental hazards moar holdout defensive style shoot a big gun bath time pinger part alamo season finale ! my most hated mission if it don’t work the first time do it again stuck in sandbags and another pinger christmas 1300000 credits worth yet freakin sneaky time easter eggs assassin’s creed assassin three 3 desmond miles templar brotherhood abstergo parkour cut scenes everywhere combat lessons freaking amazing graphics sword fight new world new years 2013 snipin’ with a musket surprise crocodile hug beast outpost dear god there are so innocent bystander didn’t see me once large scale battle side quests galore lobsters snooping skydiving birds dogs oh my bar fights collecting dog tags upgrades ambush complicated stop sqeaky totally saw milestone tripping out man main fired training all kinds new modifications stabby eagle revelation notoriety pirate take down relics turtle party bypasses invincible leopard when in boston one liner central blind history litho-structure crate OMG close bullet pathing end nigh final boss(s) credits words very quiet hunting pirates high impact diving indiana jones pig cash converter river rescue navy navigating adrenaline junkies messing fall damage hunter mode day embarrassing fast paced crash site cliff lumber yard snipe fest we’re back grand theft horse aplenty hunting montage blowing stuff up hostile birdies golden tiger impenetrable temple 100 percent completion hate surprises Boston point taking fort hill dumpin’ tea and killer combo’s we are killing an army liberating the seas fire all the cannons death of william johnson heartbreaker cry3 Prophet predator bow flying tree sasquatch genesis heartbreaker still this guy is an idiot concord grenade launcher welcome to the jungle cell forces suck tribute stalking electrocution reckoning style air john pitcairn system X alpha-ceph rises one by boom headshot black panther grabbin loot bad timing HEEERRREEE’SSS BBRRROODDYY be trippin scorching suspense impact dogs bear cargo truck lodestar wall hacks reinforcements home improvement red star rising mini game running over pirates one with the pack worst spot in map hearing teleporting spotter skinning lab plot twist nothing bow down before me assualt buggy tailing counterfeiter matchmaking service sabot true power prison break execution gone wrong brazilian boxing take your son to work day naval protection british armada exploring the frontier drunken doctor part 2 chain reaction davenport revived death by fire AAA turret down side quest central second machina hidden tablets tactical creepin one post-human army spy named willis vtol riding mastermind tailhook reinforcements have arrived supercharged trial of the beheaders end is nigh end burning the drug fields suit record risky buisness swimming with sharks wolcott


What do you think?

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