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The Headshot Plug-in for Character Creator 3 is an amazing new tool that allows users to generate an incredibly accurate and realistic 3D head from a single image with a couple of clicks that will apply to your CC3 character. Headshot will generate everything from detailed skin texture for your character to auto-generated 3D hair, and provide you with a massive array of detailed morph sliders with the bonus “Headshot Morph 1000+ pack” that allow you to tweak every single last detail of your character’s face and head.

This tutorial describes techniques for editing photos for use in Headshot, as well as for editing model textures to produce better results. It also covers the plugin’s texture pipeline, including the access points which users have for making improvements by texture editing. The tutorial is aimed towards more experienced 2D/3D artists, as well as those wanting to learn more about external image editing for Headshot.

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Common Photo Issues
01:39 Mask Limitations
02:05 De-Lighting – Mirror and Blend
03:11 Compositing 1 – Blend between different photos
04:31 Compositing 2 – Head and Face Reconstruction
05:43 The Headshot Texture Pipeline
06:10 Editing Access Point 1: The Original Photo
06:28 Editing Access Point 2: The Headshot Texture Adjustment Panel
06:55 Photo Diffuse Editing vs Re-Project
07:58 Editing Access Point 3: The Modify/ Material Panel
08:14 Editing Access Points Diagram
08:39 Editing Access Points Summary
08:53 Correcting Facial Expressions: Morph Match, Re-Project, Morph Neutralize
10:16 Creating and Blending Normal Maps
11:11 Photo Diffuse Editing

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