Game AI Architecture: The Problem of Human Authored Behavior – Steve Rabin

Over the last 40 years, game AI professionals have crafted many architectures to allow humans to program agent behavior in video games. These game AI architectures can be thought of as domain specific languages with the goal of being powerful, scalable, modular, expressive, concise, easy to debug, and easy to reason about. Take a tour through a handful of architectures in this unique field and see how each manages to excel. While not directly applicable outside of the game industry, hopefully, clever aspects resonate with your own problem space and offer inspiration for your current or future challenges.

Steve has been a principal figure in the game AI community for almost two decades. After working as an AI engineer at several Seattle startups, he managed and edited nine game AI and game development books. Steve has taught game AI since 2006 at the DigiPen Institute of Technology and has 14 issued US patents.


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